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Posted: July 23, 2014

A new government campaign that encourages drivers to take longer to look for motorcyclists was launched this week. The so-called ‘Didn’t See’ adverts will be aired on national radio stations to highlight the dangers of not taking extra time to … Read more

Posted: July 21, 2014

Drivers often discover that some aftermarket modifications could turn their car into a faster and more attractive vehicle but it turns out that some do-it-yourself tweaks could make it not only illegal for public roads, but dangerous too. The warning … Read more

Posted: July 18, 2014

Drivers caught texting or making calls behind the wheel could soon receive more penalty points if the government pays heed to police recommendations. Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin is currently examining a proposal to double the penalty for the offence to … Read more

Posted: July 16, 2014

Owners of cars have been urged to make sure they don’t leave spare keys in their vehicles following recent reports that 39 Audis have been broken into in the space of just two days, the Daily Telegraph reports. The incidents occurred in … Read more