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Posted: July 31, 2015

Nearly 60% of children ask “are we there yet?” within one hour of setting off on a car journey, new research from Enterprise Rent-A-Car has found. The car rental company polled 4,500 parents across the UK, Ireland, France, Germany and … Read more

Posted: July 29, 2015

1. If your car’s wheels are unbalanced, what can this cause? 2. Name three instances where you are allowed to overtake another vehicle on the left? 3. You are involved in a collision with another motorist, they are injured and … Read more

Posted: July 27, 2015

Are you aware of what’s lurking under your driver’s seat? Have you lost count of the number of food wrappers stuffed in your car’s glovebox? Would you feel ashamed if your boss asked to hitch a ride with you into … Read more

Posted: July 24, 2015

It’s been a busy first half of the year for driving laws. There have been seven major changes in 2015 so far – but they may have missed the attention of many drivers, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has … Read more